Saturday, December 28, 2013

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on Carver's Heart Blog, but I wanted to add an update about our family. Since I posted last, we have continued to collect coloring books and other art supplies for Arkansas Children's Hospital. We start collecting these items all year, ( a majority come in during the Spring) and Jared, Corbin, Canyon, and I take these to Little Rock on Carver's Birthday. Canyon Bryce Cobb is the newest addition to our family. He is a beautiful boy with lots of spirit and spunk. He takes after his older brothers! We were blessed to welcome him into our family a year later on the same day that Carver went home to Heaven. I wanted to add to Carver's blog to spread the news about Carver's Coloring Crew, to show how Carver's life has touched so many hearts and opened these to a different way to help others, and to share the hope that Carver brought to us and inspired us to have Canyon. We miss you so Carver Lee. Thanks to you all for helping to collect for Carver's Coloring Crew. Heart Hugs!

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  1. Link to Madison singing as we deliver the books. Everyone should sing as they collect and deliver coloring books! :)